Tips To Reach More People With Facebook Advertising

what you should know

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users, and is growing rapidly each month. Facebook allows you to target your ideal customers through paid advertising. Targeted advertising is a great tool to use to expand your reach, redefine your audience and grow your business. Let’s have a look at how you can utilize Facebook Advertising to reach more people.


1. Target people who does not open your emails
Create a custom audience by uploading a list of all the subscribers who have not opened your emails. Then create an Advertising campaign that contains the same message as in your email and target this audience. Your list of subscribers will then see this Ad in their news feed and engage with your brand online.

2. Target your LinkedIn connections
Download a list of your LinkedIn connections through a CSV file. Then create a custom audience on Facebook by uploading this list that includes their email addresses. This way you will engage with your LinkedIn users on a different platform to drive traffic to your website, increase leads and create product/service demand.

3. Turn trials into paying customers
You can use custom audiences to target users who have engaged with your brand through product trials. This can include brochure downloads and sign up forms. Simply, download the lists you have accumulated and upload it to Facebook Ads. A good Ad would be to encourage these users to become a paying customer through utilizing incentives and other offers.

4. Retargeting
Do you have a lot of website visitors that never converts? Have you realised Facebook Ads are shown on your news feed of websites you have recently visited? One of the most effective ways to reach users who recently visited your website is through remarketing Ads. You can install the Facebook remarketing code on your site which will automatically send data to Facebook of each new person who visits your website.


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