marketing to your target audience has never been easier

target the right people

Thorough research regarding your consumers' behaviour, needs and desires helps you to target your audience with the right tools and content at the right time.

communicate effectively

The communication strategy identifies the relevant channels to use when communicating with your audience. This will help you to use the most reliable media and mediums to ensure your budget is well spent and receives return on investment (ROI).

know your strengths

A competitor analysis is needed to know what the strengths are of your competitors and how you compare to their weaknesses. This will give you the advantage of taking on new opportunities and rising above any threats.

be focused and diligent

The strategy will include goals, objective and measuring metrics to effectively optimize your campaign performance throughout the implementation process.

marketing strategy

The marketing strategy sets your business up to win! The strategy can be implemented by your team or it can be implemented by Stratlane. 

Phase 1

  • Needs Analysis
  • Proposal Acceptance
  • Strategy Session
  • Research

Phase 2

  • Strategy Development
  • Communication Plan
  • Budget Planning
  • Presentation Creation

Phase 3

  • Findings Presented
  • Implementation Quote
  • Implementation
  • Monthly Reporting

what you will get

A brief overview of the entire marketing plan that introduces your company and highlights the main points of the marketing plan.

The SWOT analysis involves looking at the brands’ internal and external factors, which may have an impact on business. This is its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The result of the SWOT analysis will enable the company to build upon its strengths, improve its weaknesses, take advantages of the opportunities and protect itself from any external threats.

Research conducted on industry competitors that outlines a basic SWOT analysis in order to allow the company to differentiate itself from the competitors.

Research conducted to understand the buying behavior, interests and identifiers of target market to create audience personas for marketing purposes.

Objectives should be SMART that is specific, measurable, attainable, and reliable and time bound. The
objectives influence the marketing mix, provide campaign timelines and suggest the best-suited
communication activities.

A brand blueprint sets the foundation of a brand. The process involves summarizing a brand into different components to formalize the brand for the development of a brand identity based on the research conducted. This includes brand personality, voice, purpose and a Corporate Identity Guide.

The purpose of a communications strategy is to position the brand in the minds of the consumer. The strategy will be consume – centric and will remain relevant to the  characteristics established in the analysis of the market. This strategy includes the marketing communication mix, media selection, contact plan and marketing budget.

It is recommended to have a monthly strategy review whereby progress and KPI’s are reported on. The objectives should be measured to define the monthly ROI through implementation of the measurement metrics. The strategy should be amended based on the results. KPI’s enables a brand to measure performance, the KPI’s are listed below.