Aldanay Brand


Aldaney is a beauty brand that needed a strategy to launch new products into the market. Stratlane developed a marketing strategy that includes the brand identity strategy. Investor proposals were also created.

The Brief

Proudly South African and environmentally friendly, Aldaney was founded in 2018.

The brand grew from a basic idea of creating home-based skincare cream to a selling product range. The brand follows a more natural and organic path to aid in sustainable development in Africa. The brand boasts four products in its skincare range, which includes day cream, night cream, body lotion and ultra-rich restorer cream. The creams are made from 100% African oils and other natural preservatives.  The creams are made for all skin types to very dry skin and can be used on either/or the face or body. 

A solution was needed to launch the product range into the right target market within a certain time frame. The owners also required a clear picture on what their brand represents and the task was given to outline the brand identity based on the owners personalities and styles. 

The Solution

A brand communication plan was created that aims to build a connection between Aldaney and its defined audience. It is a means of launching the Aldaney brand as a respectable brand in its industry. The plan will differentiate Aldaney from its competitors to ultimately build customer loyalty once positive brand communication has been implemented. The brand communication plan will enable Aldaney to understand its customers and implement a targeted message to them. The brand will communicate to its audience through targeted marketing through the most applicable channels in order to create memorable brand experiences and increase sales leads.

Investor proposals were also created to help with the implementation of the strategy.

Brand Communication Strategy and Planning

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Investment Proposal
Brand Communication Strategy and Planning
Brand Communication Strategy and Planning